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High Density Foam Ball Pain Reliever

High Density Foam Ball Pain Reliever

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The High Density Foam Ball Pain Reliever is the perfect solution for physical and emotional pain. Its solid, high-density construction ensures a deep tissue massage to target specific pressure points, providing relief throughout the body. It's designed to loosen muscles, improve circulation, and help reduce stress.


The professional massage ball is made of EPP, which is both environmentally friendly and healthy. It can massage acupuncture points or damage trigger points very well. This is a good tool to relieve muscle tension and promote blood circulation.

Multi-function: perfect fit, suitable for your home fitness equipment, enhance your core strength and comprehensive strength, massage points or trigger points are very effective when injured.

Helps relax muscles, increase the elasticity of the abdomen, thighs and waist, enhance body coordination, balance and flexibility, and coordinate all major muscle groups.






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