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MUKASI Professional Massage Gun

MUKASI Professional Massage Gun

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2023 Newest Powerful Massage Gun

The MUKASI Professional Massage Gun is an expertly designed massage tool that helps to alleviate muscle aches and tension with its powerful percussive and vibratory massage therapy. The ergonomic handle and lightweight design make it comfortable and easy to use, while the adjustable speed control provides a tailored massage experience. Enjoy professional grade massage therapy without the expense of a masseur.

Multifunctional Massage Gun

The deep tissue massage gun has 4 different massage heads, each of which is aimed at different muscles. After the massage gun hits the muscles, it can promote blood circulation, decompose lactic acid, and relieve muscle soreness after exercise.

Detachable Extended Handle

The detachable 18 cm extended handle is perfect for reaching those hard-to-reach areas, such as the back and shoulders. The handle can be easily removed to make it more compact and portable for travel.

Large LED Display

The streamlined design and colorful breathing light make the massage gun full of sense of science and technology. The large LED display screen provides real-time feedback on the battery life and intensity levels.

8 Different Intensity Levels

The frequency can be adjusted according to the different parts of the massage. The high-power motor will bring 1200-3200 strikes per minute. The user can change the speed of the massage gun as needed to provide a relaxing massage for each muscle.

Ultra-quiet Design

The high-quality motor of the percussion massage gun makes the muscle massage gun almost no noise, ensuring that you will not disturb others when using our massage gun in public places.

Applicable to a Wide Range of People

The massage gun can be a back massager/neck massage gun for sedentary office workers, or a deep muscle massage gun for athletes and bodybuilders. If you are still having a headache about choosing a gift, then this massage gun must be the best choice for gift giving!

Minimal appearance New experience of deep massage

Multi gear adjustable extended handle colorful breathing lamp


Product Features

Multi gear adjustment / Endurance / Smart chip

Powerful motor / One button adjustment / Mute design

Deep massage / Extended handle / Large LED screen


Streamlined shape & colorful light band Technology interaction experience

The streamlined design of the sports car conforms to the ergonomics, with a sense of science and technology, It's not tiring to hold it for a long time Colorful breathing lamp has a sense of future technology


LED large screen design Pursue higher quality experience

Percussion Therapy


Relieve muscle soreness Improve stiffness after exercise

Press where it hurts Easily relieve muscle pain and stiffness


Powerful deep massage From muscle awakening to muscle relaxation

Fascia Gun Core Technology

The body muscles shall be strictly evidence-based with uniform force, and each muscle group shall be carefully taken care of

Massage speed

Massage strength


One button switch Easy control of 8-gear adjustment

The demand can meet the demand of almost everyone Give you an extraordinary experience

Stimulate muscle vitality
Gear 01-02: Muscle arousal
Gear 03-04 : Fascia soothing
Gear 05-06 : Muscle decomposes lactic acid
Gear 07-08 : Deep muscle massage
GEAR H : Mode function gear


Powerful motor drive Experience the momentum and torque

High speed impact at 3200 rpm to the deep layer The lactic acid produced after the muscle group quickly crushes the transport


High capacity endurance Keep massaging and relaxing to the end

High efficiency battery, ensuring intelligent and lasting Power take-off


45db silent operation Quiet and comfortable without disturbing

If you talk quietly around, don't disturb others Enjoy relaxation time with all your heart

fallen leaves

Low noise
Fascia gun

Voice of conversation


The whole body can press the extended handle No dead space for back massage

Extended handle 18CM is designed to solve self massage The dead corner of the back is easy to disassemble

Back massage without dead space
Massage the legs without bending


LED display design The operation status is clear at a glance

The interface is simple, and the massage force and power condition are under control


4 professional massage heads Meet different parts

Match the relaxation needs of different parts of the body and care for every muscle in the body


4 massage heads

Spherical head : Applicable to pectoralis major latissimus dorsi, etc Major muscle tissue

Wolf Teeth Massage Head : Suitable for relaxation of various muscle parts Shaping, deep stimulation of legs and arms

U-shaped massage head : Suitable for massaging neck and spine Achilles tendon

Conical massage head : Suitable for impacting deep tissues such as joints Palm and sole


Intimate details give mature consideration to all aspects of a question

LED display
Streamline appearance
Removable handle
Colorful lamp band


Product Details

Gear : 8-gear adjustable
Weight : About 600g
Rated voltage : 7.4V
Battery capacity : 1800mAh
Operating current : 5V2A
Rated power : 30W


Fashion colors Match as you like

You can choose from a variety of colors and understand you without words

Obsidian Black
Starry GREY
Fantasy Powder
Ceramic White


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