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Adjustable Multifunction Hand Gripper

Adjustable Multifunction Hand Gripper

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The Adjustable Multifunction Hand Gripper is an ideal choice for any strength training routine. Its adjustable tension range lets you choose your own level of difficulty, perfect for beginners as well as advanced. The ergonomic design ensures maximum comfort and safety while exercising.

Intelligent counting

Real-time feedback of motion data, press counting, 4-digit display, and a count reset key at the bottom of the handle, which can be reset and re recorded.

Adjustable strength

5 - 60kg can be adjusted at will, and the rotational adjustment strength can meet the needs of different groups of people. While the red set will do 10 - 100kg and come with FREE finger strengthener.

High elastic precision steel

Genuine material with strong strength and no breakage, with thick springs, which do not rust or break, and has a longer service life.


The handle is anti-skid and sweat resistant, with stronger strength, and more ergonomic design making it more comfortable.

Strengthened hands

Suitable for sports enthusiasts and fitness crowd, it is convenient and considerate to perform hand grip exercises anytime and anywhere. this product can help musicians to weight lifters and everyone in between for those looking to train hand and fingers.

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