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Back Stretcher 2.0

Back Stretcher 2.0

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The Back Stretcher 2.0 is designed to provide a deep, targeted massage to ease tension and discomfort in the back. It features 4 adjustable levels to provide a customizable stretch with added stabilization. Enjoy an effective, tension-relieving stretching session – no matter your experience.


✅Upgraded Back Stretcher - Our back stretcher has 88 auxiliary massage points. The ergonomic design of spine deck can safely support the back and promote blood circulation.

✅Lightly Compress and Protect Spine with an Upgraded Silicone Pad - While stretching and massaging the lower back, the upgraded silicone cushion can reduce the pressure and tension of the spine.

✅More Robust and Durable Back Stretcher - Made of environmentally friendly ABS plastic and is durable. Our lower back stretcher can safely support up to 110KG, is lightweight and easy to carry and store.

✅4 Level Adjustment - This Multi-level Lumbar Support stretcher has different levels to adjust. Customers can adjust the level according to their body. Beginners or those who have a sore lumbar spine can add a soft cloth pad or towel when they first start using it to avoid direct contact with the hard waist plate, causing hurt.

✅Multi Occasion Use - Just 5-10 minutes a day, the back stretcher device can help you relax the tension in your waist and back. Very suitable for use on office chairs, gyms or yoga mats.

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