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Bluetooth Headband

Bluetooth Headband

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All in One Headphone solution.

Headphones, speakers and earbuds play a massive part in our everyday lives, they are usually bulky, expensive, uncomfortable and can have cords that get tangled and get in the way. The Bluetooth headband is a great solution for all those problems without compromising quality comfort and sound with being light weight, super comfy, versatile in connecting to a wide variety of devices that are Bluetooth compatible.

Get to sleep easier and without Pain

Listening to music, podcasts and or audio books is scientifically proven to help induce sleep faster by 43% by creating a soothing effect which lowers the mind to a relaxed state, with the Bluetooth headband being made of a soft breathable  stretchy material you can wear all night without great discomfort. earphones can cause irreversible ear damage if left in too long and where they can fall out and even breaking while you sleep. the headband has thin speakers where you can say goodbye to restless nights and hello to rejuvenating sleep! 

Get a peaceful night sleep

the headband acts as a black out mask, creating an ultra-dark environment that simulates production of natural melatonin ( the hormone that makes you sleep) also blocking out noise and distractions that can cause you to wake up. 

Sports Headband

Being extremely light, comfortable and stylish it is suitable using it while running, gym, workout, yoga and any outdoor activities don't forget the kids in the backseat while travelling where it can keep them entertained! it is sweat resistant and breathable, headband headphones are washable, simply remove the speakers and clean the band. Stay focused and motivated by wearing this device!

 Do not miss a call!

With the included microphone you can make and receive calls while you do any of the activities where it has the capability of picking up sound up to 1 meter. so if you have a busy lifestyle or just want to be hands free this product will certainly help.

 Advanced Battery Life

The Bluetooth headband has a built in rechargeable Li-Ion battery, up to 10 hours' playing time, 2-2.5 hours' charging time, lasting a whole night.

Bluetooth version: V 5.0+ EDR.
Wireless operation Range: 10 meters
Micro USB Charge: 5V/0.5A
Charge Time: 2-2.5 Hours
Music Playing time: Up to 10 hours

What You Get
1 x Bluetooth Headband
1 x USB to Micro USB Cable
1 x User manual

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