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Children's Horror Red Eye Reaper

Children's Horror Red Eye Reaper

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Look sharp and deathly cute in this Children's Horror Red Eye Reaper! This delightful costume comes with a menacing hood and a chunky, frayed robe – perfect for your little monster's spooky adventures! (We promise they won't scare you too much.)


Made from polyester, will last while they run around scaring and gathering candy from your neighborhood!


Scare your friends and family this Halloween with our Children's Horror Red Eye Reaper Costume! They'll be scared speechless by the spooky hooded robe, devilish scythe, and glowing red eyes. So, be sure to come prepared for the zombie apocalypse! (Or just your neighborhood Halloween party.)


●100% Polyester
●Hand Wash Only
●Contains: Robe costume, + a scythe + glowing eyes

●READ BEFORE SELECTING SIZE: costumes are sized 
▲Occasions: Great for Halloween costumes, theme parties, dress up, trick or treat

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