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Double-Layer Ripped Mask Horror CLOWN

Double-Layer Ripped Mask Horror CLOWN

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Give everyone a fright this Halloween with this Double-Layer Ripped Mask Horror CLOWN! In two ripped-to-shreds layers, it's the perfect scream-inducing mask for anyone looking to cause a stir. Step out of the costume box and give 'em all some chills! (Or some thrills, in case they're a fan).

Add some fake blood to the mask for realistic results (not included)

The mask extends underneath the neck, so you can put together the right outfit without worrying about being exposed!

Using high-quality latex material, 3D printing technology produced, muscle fibers can be seen clearly, just like the movie zombies as realistic!

The faceplate is held with 6 embedded magnets on either side of the mask (12 magnets in total) so you can detach and reattach it on the fly. 

 The package includes:1pcs Halloween Mask

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