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MOMAN H2 Bluetooth Helmet Microphone

MOMAN H2 Bluetooth Helmet Microphone

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The MOMAN H2 Bluetooth Helmet Microphone offers a premium sound quality with exceptional sound clarity. This helmet microphone is designed to fit into most helmets, providing comfort and convenience when connected to your Bluetooth device. The wide frequency range provides a crisp, clear sound for communication and music playback.

Take your motorcycle ride to the next level with the MOMAN H2 Bluetooth Helmet Microphone. With its sleek design and voice-activated microphone, you can focus on your journey while staying safely connected. Let the adventure begin!

Two-Rider Communication Within 800m

The Moman H2 Bluetooth communicator for motorcycle helmets enables two riders to communicate in real-time up to 800 meters apart. Just start your adventures along with your friends freely while parachute jumping, skiing, mountain biking, and other sports.

Wireless Design with Flexible Control 

H2 has a knob for choosing FM radio channels, playing music, and changing the volume. It utilizes wireless technology 5.0, thus allowing streaming music, hang-up, hands-free calls, and refuse calls.

Clear Sound Transmission 

The H2 Bluetooth communicator for motorcycles with best audio offers outstanding sound quality for calls and music thanks to its 40mm big speakers. With the DSP noise reduction technology, you can prevent the noises of traffic, wind, and engine while still listening to clear music during high-speed riding.

High Resistance to Extreme Conditions

The H2 motorcycle helmet intercoms & Bluetooth communications can withstand severe weather conditions including storms, snow, rain, and dust. It comes with a -20°C to 50°C operating temperature range and an IP65 waterproof design. Also, it can be used with the majority of helmet types including the full-face, modular, and open-face styles.

Simple Attachment & Long Runtime

The Velcro clip or rear clip on your helmets is used to attach the intercom supports. Its internal 900mAh battery enables it to operate constantly for 20 hours and remain inactive on a single charge for 300 hours.

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