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Weighted Jump Rope

Weighted Jump Rope

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This Weighted Jump Rope from will take your cardio workout to the next level. It's made with a weighted plastic core to provide resistance during your jumps, making it ideal for anyone looking to up their intensity. Jumping rope is an incredibly effective full-body exercise, and this rope is perfect for a sweaty session.


Weighted and bearings 

Challenge yourself and reach your goals with our Weighted Jump Rope. Featuring a weighted rope and smooth bearings, it lets you execute movements with precision and grace. Maximize your workouts and track your progress - take your fitness to the next level!

3m in length

This 3 meters long Weighted Jump Rope is perfect for cardio and toning up. The extra weight helps to increase your strength and endurance while providing a unique and fun cardio experience. Burn calories and enjoy your workout!


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